Tools & Tasks

This section introduces the different tools and functions that are available in Geocortex Essentials.

The Toolbox Menu

The Toolbox menu allows you to select the toolbar containing the tools that you want to use. Each toolbar contains a set of related tools that enable you to interact with the map in a particular way.

Figure 1. The Toolbox menu

Toolbox Menu

The Static Toolbar

The static toolbar gives you quick access to frequently used tools. Unlike the toolbars in the Toolbox, the static toolbar is always open.

Figure 2. The Static Toolbar

Static Toolbar

The Tools

Click the Toolbox you want to learn about, or select a specific tool to go directly to the section for that tool.

The Navigation Toolbox allows you to move around the map, zoom in and out, measure and magnify features on the map, and more.

Zoom InZoom OutPanZoom to Full ExtentMap BackMap ForwardIdentifyIdentifyMeasureMagnifyMap ForwardZoom to CoordinatesLaunch Legend PanelShow Map Tips

The Selection Toolbox provides different methods of identifying and selecting features on a map.

Select by PointSelect by PolylineSelect by PolygonSelect by RectangleSelect by OvalSelect by CircleSelect by Buffer

The Markup Toolbox provides tools for drawing shapes (points, lines, and polygons) and adding text on a map.

The Project Toolbox provides tools to open and save map projects, export map images, upload shapefiles and point data, and perform other project-related activities.

Save ProjectSave Project AsOpen ProjectExport Map ImageExtent BookmarksUpload ShapefileUpload CSV

The Print Toolbox creates print versions of your map using preset templates.

The Search Toolbox offers custom search tools.

The Tasks Toolbox offers additional custom tools that are not related to searching.

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