The Selection Toolbox

The Selection Toolbox provides tools for selecting and identifying various features on your map. Choose the tool from the list below that will allow you to select your map objects in the easiest and most accurate way.

Figure 1. The Selection Toolbox

Select by PointSelect by PolylineSelect by PolygonSelect by RectangleSelect by OvalSelect by CircleSelect by Buffer

There are a number of Select Feature tools that provide you with different ways of creating collections of map objects, or selection sets. Once you have selected features using one of these tools, you can view attribute reports and perform operations on the selected features.

Select by Point
Select a single feature with this tool by clicking the map at a particular location.
Select by Polyline
Click the map at one end of the feature to start the polyline. Click again where the line changes direction, and continue clicking until there is one point left. Double-click the last point to complete the polyline and end the selection.
Select by Polygon
Polygons are drawn like polylines. Click the map to draw the polygon, and then double-click to close the polygon and end the selection.
Select by Rectangle
Click and hold the mouse button to mark one corner of the rectangle. Drag the mouse to size your rectangle and release the mouse button when you're done.
Select by Oval
Click the map to start your oval and move the mouse to size it. Click again to complete the oval.
Select by Circle
Click the map to mark the center of the circle. Move the mouse to size the circle and click again to complete it.
Select by Buffer
This tool allows you to specify a buffer distance around a point or area that you draw on the map. All the features on the selected layer that overlap the buffered area will be selected.
The Hyperlink tool enables you to search for predefined hyperlinks to external data, such as web pages and documents. Select the Hyperlink tool and then click the map to search for links at that location.

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