Using Layer Actions

This section describes the operations, or actions, that you can perform on layers. To perform a layer action, click the layer's name or its down arrow ( Open Layer Actions Menu ) in the Layer List and select the action from the menu (Figure 1). The particular actions that are available for a layer depends on how your site is set up.

Figure 1. Layer Actions Menu

Layer Actions
Swipe Layer
The Swipe Layer action allows you to interactively clear the contents of a layer from the map, like pulling a blind. Click the layer you want to swipe and select Swipe Layer. The map will redraw with a swipe window overlaying the Map Window. To swipe the layer, drag one of the overlay window's borders. You can swipe vertically or horizontally. To close the overlay window, click the  Close Swipe Overlay  in the window's upper right corner.

Figure 2. Swiping a layer from top to bottom

Swiping a Layer
Zoom to Visible Scale
The Zoom to Visible Scale action allows you to zoom directly to a scale at which the layer is visible. Use this action when you want to view a layer that is not available at the current scale.
Zoom to Full Extent
The Zoom to Full Extent layer action zooms directly to the extent that is just large enough to show all the layer's features. Note that this is different from the Zoom to Full Extent tool in the Navigation Toolbox, which zooms out as far as possible.
Show/Hide Labels
The Show Labels layer action displays a visible layer's labels. For example, selecting Show Labels for the Zip Codes layer displays the zip codes on the map. When you show a layer's labels, the layer action changes to Hide Labels, which allows you to turn the labels off again.
Symbolize Layer
The Symbolize Layer action allows you to configure the appearance of symbols on dynamically created layers, such as the layer that is created when you import a shapefile.
Export Layer Data
The Export to CSV action exports layer data to a Comma Separated Values file, which can then be opened in a program such as Microsoft Excel. The site administrator configures which data are available for export.
View Layer Metadata
The Metadata action displays the XML metadata for the layer in a browser window.

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